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This form of tramadol is not for use on an as-needed basis for pain.

DailyMed - ULTRAM- tramadol hydrocoride tablet, coated

Ultram (tramadol) is a narcotic-like pain reliever. Ultram ER (extended-release) is for around-the-clock treatment of pain that is not controlled by other medicines.

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Tramadol is a type of narcotic pain reliever often prescribed for moderate or moderately severe pain in adults.

Tramadol, Ultram, Conzip Side Effects, Dosage, Uses & Withdrawal

Le tramadol (Noblan, Tiparol, Topalgic, Tradolan, Tramal, Ultram) est un antalgique central développé par la firme allemande Grünenthal Gmb H.

Information on ultram tab 50 medication:

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